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Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light protection

If you’re looking into “blue light blocking” glasses, keep in mind that if you can still see blue when wearing them, they’re not blocking all the blue light! Only color lenses can completely filter it out.

Our warm colored lenses (red, orange, yellow and rose) are great for blocking blue light and protecting your eyes.

How Orange Blocks Blue

Blue and orange are opposite colors on the color wheel, which means if you took full spectrum light it would be white light, but if you removed the blue light then the remaining light would be orange color.

Orange is essentially the absence of blue, and our orange sunglasses are orange because they've blocked all the blue, which is why they're so good for blocking blue light! And conversely, any "blue light blocking" lenses that aren't color lenses means they aren't blocking blue light. Only color lenses can actually block blue light.

Remember, if you can still see blue light, they're not blocking blue light.

blue light blocking By Lens Color

rose blocks 35% of blue light

YELLOw blocks 65% of blue light

Orange blocks 95% of blue light
Red blocks 98% of blue light

Colors are created by light vibrating at precise wavelengths

Short Wavelength

Long Wavelength

Blue light protection

We've tested all our lenses and found that our Rose lenses block 35% of blue light, Yellow lenses block 65% of blue light, Orange lenses block 95% of blue light, and Red lenses block 98% of blue light.

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